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About Dog Shelters

The well being of dogs, as well as the public that they interact with, is an important part of maintaining safe and orderly communities. When they becomes abandoned, it will often be picked up and placed in a shelter.

Dog shelters were developed to keep stray dogs from possible harm, both as victims and perpetrators. The ultimate goal of any of these shelters is to find a permanent home for the animals, whether that means returning them to their previous home or finding new adoptive owners.

There are many different facilities that cater specifically to lost, abandoned, abused, and injured animals. Some are publicly funded while others are private; there are both for profit and nonprofit shelters. The main functions of a shelter can be categorized into the following general purposes:

Temporary Homes for Lost Dogs

Dogs sometimes get separated from their owners by accident. If the dog does not have proper ID tags, it becomes difficult to place the pup back into its rightful home. Owners who lose their pets should call local the local shelters first.

Rescue Centers

Animal abuse is a sadly common phenomenon. When animals are mistreated, concerned onlookers have the right to call their local animal shelter to report abuse. The proper authorities will then make the decision whether to remove the animal from its location and into a dog shelter. For dogs that can be nursed back to health, shelters can provide a safe place for recuperation.

Containment Center for Strays