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Choosing The Right Dog Breed For Yourself

Dog breeds come in many different shapes, sizes and appearances. The best dog for you is the one that matches with your personality and requirements. There are many dog breed profiles that you can look at to choose the right dog breed for yourself. Dogs can play various roles depends on your purpose to keep a dog. From becoming a jogging partner to being use as a working dog that makes a fantastic partner for exercise, you can choose from multiple dog breeds and ensure a perfect match for yourself.

How To Choose From Various Dog Breeds

Why do you want a dog? Do you want a dog that doesn't require constant pampering and petting? Do you prefer a dog who simply likes to snuggle on your couch? Or do you prefer a dog that requires shorter periods of exercise and is happy with just a couple of good, long walks once a day?

Having decided on the size, dog breed profiles, and energy levels, you also need to consider some other factors that include:

Do you have children in your home?

There are some dog breeds that are known for their tolerance towards children. The innate sense of patience and acceptance for things kids do such as running around, jumping, playing with the dog, screaming, etc. that some dogs have mean that you can safely leave your children in the care of these dogs. However, you must first teach your children to behave properly with the animal and not abuse it in any way.

If you choose from some dog breeds that don't have an inborn ability to tolerate kiddies' antics, you can always train it to become a family pet and instill patience in it for the children.

Are you prepared to face issues related to training and other tasks of a dog?

Young dog breeds require much time in being trained and given correct exercise. They need to be taken for walks many times each day, need constant attention, and also demand proper veterinary care. You must prepare your self for all these tasks and more. Do you really want a small/new-born pup or can you manage an older (more than 12 weeks) dog? There are many rescue dog shelters that have pure dog breeds as well as mixed dog breeds for adoption. Bring home a dog from any such shelter ensures that it gets a loving and caring home and you get a loyal friend for life.

If you don't have the time or inclination for catering to a puppy's hyperactive demands, try and get your self a grown up dog. One big benefit of choosing grown up dog breeds is that they know the commands and are more willing to learn.