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Dog Shelters

Dog shelters were created to take care of homeless dogs as well as abandoned dogs. They now only care for such dogs but also the abused kind as well as the neglected and battered kind. Most of these shelters were created by animal lovers and the state. The state created the shelters because to many homeless dogs were probably wondering the streets.

Dog catchers also work with dog shelters to provide homes for the dogs that they capture wondering about without any collars or animal tags. The work of the shelters is to care for any mistreated dog and make sure they have a warm meal and a place to sleep. This is very much like the human shelters for the homeless only with a free vet who will check up on the animal from time to time.

Just like the human shelters these dog shelters have volunteers who are just donors interested in offering their hands and expertise to the cause. Many people provide all kinds of donations such as medical supplies, food for the dogs and cash. Some even provide equipment that is very much needed. However, even if the people giving the cash are doing good deeds, it is much more honorable to also devote your time to the dogs as they stay at the dog center.