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How To Convince Your Dad To Buy You A Dog

A lot of the time it is hard convincing your Dad to buy you a dog. Dog's are a lot of responsibility and parents tend to think that for the most part you can't take on that responsibility for some reason or another you have not shown them that you are responsible enough to take care of a dog. In this article I am going to give you some pointers to help you convince your Dad to buy you a dog.

For starters you could start by trying to clean your room. Make sure you keep your room clean and tidy at all times. This shows your parents that you can take on the responsibility of keeping things clean. You can also make sure your homework is done and handed in on time. This shows your parents that you know what your priorities are and that you can handle getting them done.

If those don't work you can always try to sweep the floors in the kitchen and in the living room without your parents asking you to do so. This will show them that they wouldn't have to ask you to take the dog outside to go to the bathroom.

You could also try washing and drying the dishes without being told. If you have sisters or brothers do not fight and argue with them. Eat what you are brought to eat and don't make "yuck" faces when it is given to you, don't back talk your parents if you are asked to do something just say ok, and go and do the chore that you was asked to do.

Always make sure you share your toys with other kids, if you are selfish then how could you handle giving attention to a dog that needs your attention all the time. Also when you ask your Dad for a dog you must ask him nicely. Don't whine and beg.

If your Dad still doesn't think that you are responsible enough for a dog why don't you try asking for a fish or a hamster to take care of show him that you can do a good job at taking care of something small? Since it's a small animal offer to pay for it and be polite.

Then make sure you do your best to take care of the small pet that you choose. Make sure you clean its cage, feed it every day. If you get a hamster make sure you play with it. This will show that you are responsible in some way.

Another good way to convince your Dad to let you have a dog would be to see how much money you need for the dog and all of the things you need to take care of a dog. If you can raise or save the money for the dog and its stuff then you may be able to show your Dad that you really do want that dog because you have all the money you need for the dog.

If all else fails and your Dad still will not let you have a dog. Maybe you should think about doing something else. Maybe try going to an animal shelter and volunteering this lets you be around animals all the time.