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Pet Adoption Might the Best Thing To Do for You and Your Family

Pet adoption just might be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family So many pets are homeless these days. The Humane Society of the United States, says an 8 to 10 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters annually. And in conjunction with this 4 to 5 million cats and dogs are being euthanized by these shelters. These figures don't include those in small, local and home-based shelters you see at the Petco's or PetSmart's in your local communities. There are also animal rescue organizations that take abused and abandoned animals.

The most common reason that an animal shelter can hear from pet parents surrendering their pets is that they are moving. And in this economy it's a sad fact that the numbers are growing as people lose jobs, homes and they can't, in many cases, afford to treat these pests properly and surrendering them is the last option in these sad, sad circumstances.

Notwithstanding behaviour problems are also other reasons for giving up a pet. Too much barking, chewing everything, too hyper or aggressiveness of the pets are the common cited behaviour problems cited. Any way you look at it the end result is that we have too many pets up for adoption or homeless in general.

Pet Adoption as the Solution

The first thing we need to address is to get rid of the myths surrounding pet adoption in general and the quality of pets that are available. Animal shelters, unlike what these myths say, have healthy animals. Shelters often have as much information from previous owners to determine what kind of vaccination has already been provided. Aside from medical care investigation, shelters also provide the necessary treatments and will spay or neuter the animals before being adopted to prevent a recurrence of the current situation in the future.

Pet adoption is taking responsibility for an animal put up for adoption due to the circumstances mentioned above. With pet adoption, these pets get a chance in finding the appropriate, caring and life long home for them. Aside from this humane chance we are giving to man's best friends, there are also benefits from adopting animals.

Actually, senior citizens, who are great pet adoption candidates, actually need less medical attention. Not only are the elderly deriving benefits from pets. Children exposed to pets during their first year of life have a lower frequency of many childhood maladies.