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Virtual Computer Pets - Family - Pets

Virtual Computer Pets   by Dr Michael Johnson

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2008-12-03)

Virtual Computer Pets are pets that exist only within the confines of your computer. They are just like normal pets except they are digital forms of real animals. You can have a virtual computer pet dog, a virtual computer pet cat or any other kind of animal. You can even own your very own virtual dragon.

A virtual computer pet can be a great companion as, like real pets, they have personalities and they grow up from a baby into a full grown adult. While taking care of them you can watch them grow to be happy and healthy.

Creating and taking care of a virtual computer pet is much easier than taking care of a real pet because everything you do can be done straight from your computer. Feeding you dog or bathing your dog is simply a click away. No driving to the vet late at night when your pet is sick, with your virtual computer pet you can take your pet to the vet with just a click of a button. It really is that simple.

Virtual computer pets are hugely popular because there is something in each and every human being that loves nurturing and taking care of a pet. Real pets can be very stressful and you may not be able to handle the responsibility for any number of reasons. Virtual pets take all the stress out of owning a pet. Tamagotchi was a huge hit because it allowed children to take care of a pet in their pocket. Now technology has gotten even more sophisticated and virtual computer pets actually look like real dogs, cats and other animals.

Virtual computer pets can be easily downloaded or played online. On major virtual pet websites there is a small fee to signup and use their services. However, there are some websites that offer their services for free. Generally the ones you need to pay for are better then the free ones but it is a personal choice. You can head online right now and start creating and taking care of your very own virtual computer pet and you can have a lot of fun doing it. They are great for children and adults of all ages.